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The company offers management services to rental properties, apartment buildings,condo associations, home owner associations and active adult communities. Services provided include management, unit services, budgeting and reporting, accounting and banking.

Our job is to provide each customer with any advice needed to keep the property or community operating in the most cost effective, safe and over all enjoyable for the property owner and tenants.  L.E. property management will achieve this by becoming involved with each property and its' community.  

L.E. Property Management acts as a liaison between property owners and or association presidents to advise on any management services. Land owner, tenant and repair services such as selecting contracts that are knowledge, insured and work at a fair or market value pricing. All services are available for both scheduled maintenance and emergency situations.  Other unit services include working with owners and community presidents to evaluate budgets and reserves, taking into consideration current cost and evaluating both foreseeable and unexpected repairs and updates.

We have the technology to handle all of the financial and banking for each unique property situation. L.E. Property Management is prepared to make all banking transactions and leave the customer with a final number at the end of each month or fiscal period. L.E. Property Management has the software that allows us to track of profit/losses and reporting services to make the numbers make sense to the customers.